While travelling to Tokyo, you might search for a special place to buy souvenirs for family and friends, trying to find that something “authentic japanese” and want to be original. My recommendation is a place out of time, out of this world. Located in Odaiba‘s shopping mall Decks, Odaiba Icchome Shotengai might be the perfect spot to travel through time and bring back that unique souvenir you’re searching for.


Classic bullet train inside Odaiba Icchome shotengai.

There are many different shops inside Odaiba Icchome Shotengai. From classic souvenirs, candy stores, japanese pop culture goods and weird merchandising only in Japan. Though shopping might not be on your budget, you can just wander around, there are many other things to do. Old fashion arcade games, a theater, a spooky house, restaurants, or just for the pleasure of walking around through time and space.


Classic arcade games in Odaiba icchome shotengai.

How to Acces
Ride on the Yurikamome monorail, and drop off at Daiba station, or Odaiba Kaihinkoen station. Both stations leave you nearby. Also the Rinkai Line, drop off at Tokyo Teleport station. Use the maps right in the station and search for Decks shopping mall.


Candy store in Odaiba Icchome shotengai.

The paradox is strong in this photo, no food or drink with a skelleton. Hang in there, buddy.


Cliché, goods and merchandising souvenir for collectionists in Odaiba Icchome shotengai.



Odaiba Icchome Shotengai.

This brought me back to my childhood, one of those “only 90’s kids will understand


Classic games in Odaiba Icchome shotengai.



Shooting gallery in Odaiba Icchome shotengai.



Odaiba Icchome shotengai.



Chinese restaurant in Odaiba Icchome Shotengai.

Want to bring something original for your partner? What about Hello Kitty trunks or those tap trunks, for some reason.


Mystery goods and hello kitty pants.



Old fashion theater in Odaiba Icchome Shotengai.



A small piece of Tokyo Tower.



Spooky house, Odaiba Icchome Shotengai.



Spooky house, Odaiba Icchome Shotengai.



Astro boy, classic manga character flying over our heads.


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