One of the main worries for travelers when coming to Tokyo is the prices of almost everything compared to their own countries, specially for accommodation rates. Some options like hostels, share houses, or the newest Airbnb are quite popular, but Japan had the affordable accommodation deals since long ago. Capsule hotels might be the solution for that budget problem and a fancy experience when coming to Tokyo.  Keep reading to know the good and not so good when booking capsule hotels.


Capsule hotel, Tokyo


Designed for the salaryman and office workers that stayed working till late at night and needed a place to stay, capsule hotels became a huge business in Tokyo. Now the variety of clients is more obvious, and capsule hotels reinvented themselves to become more traveler and foreign friendly. From the simple room for a night, to the luxurious capsule hotel with free breakfast, common spaces and spa.
Capsule hotels can be a really affordable option for solo backpackers, rates varying from 1800¥ to 6000¥, depending on falicities and location. Sometimes a cheap deal can turn to be expensive to get there by public transport. If you’re a girl, make sure on your reservation to let them know, as it happened right in front of me, a girl had to change to another hotel because it was an only man capsule hotel. Traveling with your couple can be the same problem, as capsule hotels are only man or only woman policy.


Enough space for a solo traveler in a capsule hotel, Tokyo.

Backpacking would be the best case for capsule hotel, as only takes small space and can even take it with you inside the room. In case you travel with small suitcase, search for capsule hotels that have locker room. Most of them aren’t big enough for the suitcase, but you can leave some of the stuff and clothes in there. Big suitcases are out of the picture in the majority of capsule hotels, but you can ask at the front to keep it in a safe space in case you want to go out visiting the city.


Simple capsule room, perfect for one nighters. Tokyo.


Locker room area for suitcases in a capsule hotel, Tokyo.


Biggest private locker room I’ve ever found in a capsule hotel, enough for a small suitcase and my backpack. Tokyo.

Space and comfort

Rooms are quite comfortable in most of the cases. If you’re used to long haul flights in tourist class, even a small capsule room is far way better rest option. Capsule hotels offer amenities for your stay and provide with towels and hotel clothes to change in when you’re in the hotel. For clients to wander around the common areas and bath. Ventilation, TV and headphones in every capsule to not disturb your closest neighbours.


Backpack and all in the room, still space to sleep.


Control pannel, for TV, lights, and air.

Common area

Common areas vary from hotel to hotel. From the most simple options as bath and laundry room, to luxury spa, restaurant or massage rooms. In case you’re a tech junkie and always travel with a laptop, the common areas with internet, TV and vending machines are the best to spend some time writing and editing contents on the laptop. Also, the library option, as all capsule hotels I’ve been, have a lot of manga, japanese comic book to read. That, if you can read japanese.


Enjoy and relax in the common areas of the capsule hotel, Tokyo.


Fancy reading some manga in capsule hotels? all free to read.

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