In the leisure island of Odaiba, placed between two shopping malls lies an amazing indoor amusement park, Tokyo Joypolis. Love interactive videogames and simulators?  Then let me introduce you the many attractions of the indoor amusement park by Sega, and the reasons why you don’t have to miss the chance to enter.

Tokyo Joypolis_01

Entrance to Tokyo Joypolis.

How to arrive
Located in the Decks shopping mall, closest stations are Odaiba kaihinkoen on the Yurikamome line, and Tokyo teleport station on the Rinkai line. Both stations are only at 5 minute walk from Tokyo Joypolis. Bad weather? Perfect excuse to go.

Tokyo Joypolis_02

The rails are from the roller coaster that passes through the ceiling of Tokyo Joypolis. One of the most popular.

Tokyo Joypolis_03

Simulator based on the driving drift manga and anime Initial D.

To the rides!
Most of the attractions are interactive, even the small roller coaster has a shooting part (all instructions in japanese). From the thrilling attractions to the Carnival area, there’s plenty of option, that I categorized into four different. Thrill, rides like the roller coaster mentioned. 3D action, shooting and simulation video games. Interactive narration, the most immersive attractions, as you have to follow the story, interact with your surroundings and collaborate with others. You need to be skilled in japanese for the interactive attractions. and Carnival games, mostly aimed for kids, but grown-ups also can participate.

Tokyo Joypolis_04

Some of the attractions change their sets, based on popular series.

Tokyo Joypolis_05

4D attractions and simulator are a great experience in Tokyo Joypolis.

I don’t speak japanese!
It’s true that for the interactive attractions and many of the narrative are all in japanese. Few years ago I went to Tokyo Joypolis and couldn’t understand any of the interactive games, so I aimed for the thrill and simulators. This might refrain you to enter to Tokyo Joypolis, but don’t be afraid, the staff will explain the instructions from the games and also some of the attractions have english option. The group attractions like the zombie apocalypse and Tokyo Ghoul were narrated by actors, and probably even if your whole group is gaijin they will have to proceed in japanese, as they have to follow a script.

Tokyo Joypolis_06

The detail and high spirits of the staff make the experience more interactive and immersive.

Tokyo Joypolis_07

Some of the simulators are not for weak stomachs. Storm-G makes continuous barrel rolls during the race.

Holding hands with my best buddy
A characteristic of many of the interactive attractions is that they’re aimed for couples. In my case, last time I went with a friend, both manly bearded. One of the narrative attractions has the objective to find that “special one” and literally makes you hold hands to clear the game. Holding hands in Japan is really something important for couples and can be the spark for a new love. There we were, two manly bearded gaijin holding hands to enter the las trial.
Even better was at the terror house. Surrounded by many couples, there was also a mother and her little daughter in the group. As brave gaijin it was our duty to sacrifice ourselves and let them pass, to place ourselves in the back of the group and get devoured by the ghosts. That action made the whole group unite and the little girl wasn’t even afraid anymore. Good gaijin guys.

Tokyo Joypolis_08

Powerhouse mascot Sonic from Sega has its own space and attractions at Tokyo Joypolis.

Tokyo Joypolis_09

Powerhouse mascot Sonic from Sega has its own space and attractions at Tokyo Joypolis.

Time flies
There are different admission and hours to enter Tokyo Joypolis. My recommendation is to buy the one day pass, for 3900¥ you can get in all the rides with no time limit in the park. On weekends, the chances are that the waiting time for many of the attractions is over 40 minutes. If you just want to try out few attractions then you can buy an admission card and charge it with money for every ride.
Would you like to know more? Check out Tokyo Joypolis site

Tokyo Joypolis_10

Popular video games have their best versions and attractions at Tokyo Joypolis.

Tokyo Joypolis_11

Phoenix Wright has its own attraction at Tokyo Joypolis.

Are you into video games and were searching for new experiences in Tokyo? This is your chance. Take your best buddies, or your loved one, and head to Tokyo Joypolis.

Tokyo Joypolis_12

The rest area is filled with interactive screens and activities.

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Tokyo Joypolis_01

Entrance to Tokyo Joypolis.

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