The Author

Hello, my name is Josep Bautista, the author behind Hype in Tokyo – Travel Blog. Read about me, the things I do and how I ended creating my travel blog on this page.

About me
Born in Barcelona, during my college day studying Tourism management I started solo travelling and stayed in Finland for exchange student program. My native language is Catalan, with the advantage of being raised in a trilingual education. I speak fluent Spanish, English, and Japanese. I can defend myself at some degree in French and Italian, and during my stay in Finland I tried to learn some Finnish (I think it’s even harder than Japanese!). Since kid, the more languages I know, the more I want to travel and learn about different cultures. After my first trip to Japan, I fell in love with that country, so after graduating I decided to go study and live in Tokyo for a six months program, and stayed for more than 2 years. It was during my expat days that the small personal blog Hype in Tokyo was created. Back in Barcelona to study a Master’s degree, specializing in Travel Journalism. Since then, I’ve been freelancing in travel related jobs as consultant, writer, blogger, and lead the travel photography expeditions to Japan for Artisal Travel Photography.

Why the name Hype in Tokyo?
I have a well known reputation amongst my friends as being overly excited of my travels and stories. That tendency to decorate my stories, created some demand for me to create a personal blog online telling about what was happening during my travels, and keep my friends up to date. Therefore, the “hype” I was creating became a part of my online presence. It was during my expat life in Tokyo, and at that moment I had no idea of the nomad life awaiting me. Still, Tokyo has become my second residence after all this years. When I decided to become a professional digital nomad, the name that started it all stayed as flagship and memento of my origins.

Where am I now?
Back in my hometown Barcelona, I’m exploring my country, from short day trips, to weekend escapes, riding on a Harley Davidson. When I’m not in Japan or planning new projects, I polish my travel writing and photography skills. Recently, I joined as member of the Barcelona Travel Bloggers association and participating in their activities. Big plans ahead, Europe road trips are on my bucket list.

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