Exhausted after finishing the main quest in Akihabara area and gaining exp, my stats were running critical. I had to search for a shop or inn were I could buy a few potions to recover HP. I checked the map on my tech gear screen and pinpointed the location of a new place that had limited edition items. It appeared on the map as Square Enix Cafe, and they seemed to have the potions I needed, and many more things on the menu. It was the best option before I started any other quest.

Square Enix Cafe-001

Entrance to Square Enix Cafe, Akihabara.

If you didn’t understand the introduction, and don’t know what’s Square Enix, probably you haven’t been in contact with JRPG videogames. On the other side, whilst reading the introduction, you imagined a world of Final Fantasy (pun intended) you’re right on the spot and willing to visit Square Enix Cafe in Akihabara.

Square Enix Cafe-008

Goods and merchandise at Square Enix Cafe, Akihabara.

Is not the first time Square Enix opens a themed Cafe in Tokyo. Some of the readers might remember Artnia from previous entries. The Cafe-gallery-shop besides Square Enix HQ.
This time, they repeated their Cafe formula in Akihabara with some changes. The new Cafe works on a reservation system, and a time limit of 90 minutes. It might seem unpolite to tourists from other countries, but limited time restaurants are quite normal in Japan. Also, those 90 minutes are plenty to enjoy a meal and relax staring at the TV showing videos of Square Enix videogames. The menu has a large selection of food and drinks, most of them named after items or characters from their most popular franchises, Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. To make a reservation, you can do it through their site, but only if your Japanese skills are high enough to go through the process. The other option is to go early on the first shift, and ask the receptionist to make a reservation for the same day. They will attend you in English without any problem. Photos are allowed in the restaurant, but no video.

Pro tip: The last shift at 9PM is for entry without reservation and free time inside, as last shift. Be sure to arrive before to get a spot.

Square Enix Cafe-003

The restaurant manager and assistant explains the concept behind Square Enix Cafe.

Square Enix Cafe-005

Limited edition goods and presents at Square Enix Cafe.

Restaurant Cafe
Be sure to arrive 10 minutes before your turn, as the staff guides every customer to their designed seats and punctuality is a must in Japan. Once every customer is on their seats, one of the staff members welcomes all customers to the restaurant and explains the 90 minute time limit, the menu, and order system. As well as the special offers they might have that day and that after the order, customers are free to check the annex shop with plenty of merchandise or relax watching the TV in the meantime they wait for the food and drinks.
I ordered a non alcohol drink from the cocktail menu, named after Cindy, one of the characters from Final Fantasy XV, and the Joshu beef avocado burger. Both were delicious, keeping up the standars of themed Cafe and justifying the a bit over the average price. Remember, it’s a themed cafe with a side shop from a videogame company. For a burger set and a special drink, the cost was ¥2100, a bit less than €20 at the time I was there.
The experience was nice for a first time, and they were so many options on the menu that I’d love to try. On a second visit, the surprise and wander of every detail in the Cafe probably won’t be the same. Next time, I will acquire that phoenix down and potion I need to go on my quests.

Square Enix Cafe-004

Avocado Joshu burger, great quality meat. Hard to bite the burger entirely, though.

Square Enix Cafe-006

Goods and merchandise at Square Enix Cafe, Akihabara.

Square Enix Cafe-007

Goods and merchandise at Square Enix Cafe, Akihabara.

How to get there
From the JR Akihabara station, closest is Central Exit, only one minute walk. Located on the 1F of Yodobashi Akiba building.

Square Enix Cafe-002

Square Enix Cafe is located on the 1F at Yodobashi Akiba building.

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