Almost every traveler has one, even I, that I’m going to complain about it. Not the selfie stick, but complain about the use people makes of it. If tourists were more conscious about their surroundings, then Japan wouldn’t have banned the use of selfie sticks in almost 2000 train stations, theme parks, museums and other places (and recently I’ve seen those signs in Barcelona too). The amount of reasons is so vast, but could fit in just one thing, common sense, or the lack of it. Why you should leave your selfie stick in your bag when traveling to a big metropolis like Tokyo, museums and even concerts?

Selfie sticks-002

No selfie sticks poster in a train station in Japan.

You’re not alone
Even if you travel solo. There are hundreds, thousands, even milions of people around you in a big city. And stations. You, the one that stops in front of the metro door to take a selfie, interrupting all commuters to enter. You, the one that hit that poor girl behind you with the stick. You, the one that lost his phone on the rail. You deserved it. Don’t even try to argue about this.

Use the force, or your arm
I know you’re not a Jedi, so instead of forcing people to avoid you, ask anyone around you to take a PHOTO of you and your group. You, the teen that asked me “can you take a selfie of us?” that’s just so wrong it made my ears bleed. You, the one that takes normal photos with a selfie stick, of a sushi plate IN FRONT OF YOU. It’s called selfie stick for an obvious reason, and not to use in places where your arm can reach perfectly.

Park Güell-027

Next to each other, unable to interact by the force of the selfie.

Another pic on the wall, or the ground
This one I noticed more on instagram feeds. You, the one that says “Here in OO place”, “Check the views”. The only thing I see in your selfie, is your face, the reflex of your smartphone attached to your “selfie stick” in your sunglasses, and the ground. Specially you, the one that I can see in the reflex on your glasses that your boyfriend was the one that took the picture. Did you know? we have a word for that kind of photo, is named PORTRAIT. And give credit to your boyfriend, he was there.

I have a stick, I have a tripod
I said it in the introduction, I have a stick for my go pro camera. When I’m in the mountain and there’s nobody to ask to take a photo, I use the selfie stick. Or to film video in some areas. When I want to take a group photo, I use a small tripod, so everyone can join in the picture. And I don’t call it “selfie tripod”. When I’m with my girlfriend and want to take a selfie or video, I use the extension of my arm bones and muscles and the grip of my hand. I know, astonishing!

Selfie sticks-001

Why use a selfie stick when your arm reaches perfectly, or other people can take a photo of you? So many questions without a convincing answer.

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