The small hot spring resort town in Yamanashi prefecture is also a popular spot for Mount Fuji views and several popular tourist attractions, all with the background of Japan’s largest volcano. Take a day trip escape from Tokyo or stay in one of the hot spring resorts in the area to get the most of the town. Also, check the video on my Youtube Channel.


Welcome to lake Kawaguchi.

Fuji five lakes, Kawaguchiko
My visit to Kawaguchiko was improvised. I was on an a mission to capture a few images of Mount Fuji from the famous Churaito Pagoda. Still early in the afternoon, we decided to make a last activity for the day, but where? and what? We were near one of the famous Fuji Five lakes, and I needed another perspective of the sacred volcano, so we headed towards Kawaguchiko, just a few stops by train from our location at that moment. The best moments to capture the Mount Fuji from Kawaguchiko are early in the morning, and later in the afternoon, if the low clouds and visibility allows it. Summer might be the hardest season for Fuji views. The most popular attraction that we considered visiting was FujiQ HighLand, the thrilling theme park in the area, but we hadn’t enough time for that.


Lake Kawaguchi views, Yamanashi prefecture.


Lake Kawaguchi views, Yamanashi prefecture.

Kachi Kachi ropeway
Once in Kawaguchiko, we decided to ask on the station what could we do. Our intention was to take the boat on the lake, but unluky for us it was closed due to maintenance. The alternative to gorund views were clear, up to higher grounds. Just 15 minute walk from Kawaguchiko station, and a quick stop on the lake, we arrived to one of Kawaguchiko attractions, the Kachi Kachi ropeway. The ascension took us to the near the summit of Mount Tenjo at 1075 meters above the ground, to take a full panoramic view of the lake Kawaguchiko, and behind it, the image of Mount Fuji. I had my second chance to photograph the volcano from another view point, on the same day. The tickets for the ropeway are ¥720 for return trip. Around Kachi Kachi mountain there are few characters on the way. This mascots are the protagonists of old tales of the Kachi Kachi mountain, and their adventures are narrated on boards at the end of the ropeway. Only in Japanese.


A raccoon and a rabbit, what are they up to in Kachi Kachi?


The last rays of light in Kawaguchi.


Mission accomplished, another capture of Mount Fuji.

How to get there
The highway bus from Tokyo might be a good option, but if you have the JR pass I’d recommend to take the JR Chuo Line in Shinjuku station towards Otsuki station, and transfer here to the Fujikyu line to Kawaguchiko, which is the terminal station of the line. Really easy to access.


Fuji Q HighLand, one of greatest theme parks in Japan.


Kachi Kachi ropeway over Kawaguchiko.


Kawaguchiko Station.

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