Kashiya Yokochō is the Japanese name for a small shopping area in Kawagoe, known in English as Candy Alley. North from the traditional warehouse district streets, a sweets paradise awaits for those venturing to Kawagoe.

Kawagoe Candy alley_05

Tried all the flavours in one-go. For later sugar rush and regret.

Traditional Japanese sweets
The major characteristic in Kawagoe’s Candy Alley are the traditional sweets, placed in over the remaining 20 shops on business for decades. Back in the best period for Kawagoe, there were more than 70 shops. That period was in 1923, after the Kanto Earthquake. The shortage of sugar in other areas of Tokyo made this alleys shine in sugar prosperity.

Kawagoe Candy alley_01

Kawagoe Candy Alleys.

Kawagoe Candy alley_02

Kawagoe Candy Alleys.

Back to the past
Besides some modern day features, the style of the shops and the sweets have remained mostly unaltered, making the nostalgia fans come for a feeling of the past days. The Warehouse district, along with Candy Alley and other parts of the district is known also as Little Edo, in a reminiscence of the construction style of the Edo period.

Kawagoe Candy alley_03

Kawagoe Candy Alleys.

Kawagoe Candy alley_04

Ice cream with a deep fried sugar covered chip. Double the sugar.


Warehouse district, Kawagoe.

How to get there
The Candy Alley is located in the north of the Warehouse district of Kawagoe. From Hon-Kawagoe station it takes 15 minute walk. I recommend the walk through the Warehouse district, as its packed with crafts shops and original souvenirs to get home. Plus, the Edo style constructions takes you into the traditional feeling of the place. From the station, there’s the possibility to take the bus to the entrance of the Warehouse district.


Warehouse district, Kawagoe.

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