Japan has a a serious sense of creativity and entertainment. Themed places, buildings and restaurants are located most of them in Tokyo. This is not the case of Kawasaki warehouse. As the name itself, is located in the city of Kawasaki, only a few stops by train from Tokyo. A really hidden gem for gamers and 90’s Hong-Kong movie fans, but that’s not the only attractive from Kawasaki Warehouse. We dared to go visit the place, and got hyped right from the start. To commemorate the event, I made a scary themed trailer from our visit. Watch it, if you dare, and read after to know more about the Kawasaki Warehouse.

Kawasaki warehouse_04

Kowloon walled city recreation. Kawasaki warehouse, Japan.

Beware: Light up your room, put on headphones if you’re in a public space or at work, and watch it under the supervision of an adult if you’re under 18 years. The next video my contain a lot of hype footage. The recommendation works as well when visiting Kawasaki warehouse, as under 18 years visitors are not allowed to enter. Would you be brave enough to visit Kawasaki warehouse? Wait to read after a few lines to think the answer and don’t hesitate to leave me a comment with your impression at the comment section below.

What is Kawasaki warehouse?
The 8 floor building has in each floor a different set for different activities, all related to common entertainment life in Japan. Only the first, second and third floor are inspired in Kowloon walled city. In this floors there are several retro arcade games as well as the latest in gaming arcade. Fourth floor is for billiard and darts, open 24/7, as the manga cafe area on the fifth floor. Kawasaki warehouse is easy to spot from the street, five minute walking south from Kawasaki station. The rusty aspect from the exterior is perfectly recreated and gives you an impact image to be ready.

How to get there
Just 10 minute walking south from Kawasaki station, really easy to find.

kawasaki warehouse

From Kawasaki station to the Kawasaki warehouse amusement park.

Kawasaki warehouse_01

Kawasaki Warehouse building, 8 floor amusement game park in the city of Kawasaki, Japan.

Kawasaki warehouse_02

Entering Kawasaki warehouse.

Kawasaki warehouse_03

Perfect set for scary movies.

Why Kowloon walled city?
The fascination for this set has been represented several times in movies and comic books, and had a strong influence in history. Many artists and nowadays movies are also inspired by what represented Kowloon walled city in their works. The decadency of the city, criminals, drugs and so in the densest city in the 90’s. The claustrophobic atmosphere recreated perfectly on every corner and every sign. Even some of the decoration parts were imported from Hong Kong to recreate the city. The detail is to some point you can even feel the humidity, cold and dark alleys. Makes the initial experience already worth the visit to Kawasaki warehouse. Some memorabilia from the 90’s, old TV’s, and several posters and signs from Kowloon walled city were brought or recreated to perfection.

Kawasaki warehouse_04

Elevators, recreated as part of Kowloon walled city.

Kawasaki warehouse_05

Cafeteria and retro gaming area.

Detail to perfection
Don’t be afraid by what it looks to be an old, rusty, decadent place that hasn’t seen any cleaning for decades. The level of detail and work was so intense that even the bathroom looked like the worst of your hygiene nightmares. It reminded me of the game series Silent Hill, or one of my friends student apartment. I checked myself the boys bathroom and I can assure the WC was on a japanese level of white and clean.

Kawasaki warehouse_14

Bathroom straight from nightmares.

Kawasaki warehouse_13

Kowloon walled city recreation. Kawasaki warehouse, Japan.

Kawasaki warehouse_11

Kowloon walled city recreation. Kawasaki warehouse, Japan.

Kawasaki warehouse_07

Retro gaming area.

Kawasaki warehouse_08

Kowloon walled city recreation. Kawasaki warehouse, Japan.

The arcade game area
Wallet nightmare. There are so many arcade games to try we had to decide was going to end first. Our money, or our time. We only had two hours before departing to our next place in Tokyo so that was lucky for our budget. The retro gaming area brought nostalgia and manly tears to our troops. In many other countries I’ve visited it’s hard to find even in large cities a game center. In Japan, game center are alive, another fact that brought manly tears to our troops.

Kawasaki warehouse_06

Arcade gaming area.

Kawasaki warehouse_15

Gotta go faster, the camera couldn’t even catch my gaming skills.

Kawasaki warehouse_16

Getting our own band gaming.

Kawasaki warehouse_10

Playing darts next to a fireplace, at Kawasaki warehouse, Kawasaki, Japan.

Kawasaki warehouse_09

Manga cafe at Kawasaki warehouse, Kawasaki, Japan.

Not everything is inspired in Kowloon walled city, the way to the exit has more reminiscence to fantasy movies and games. The pond and stoned bridge to exit was the final touch to our hyped experience at Kawasaki warehouse.

Kawasaki warehouse_17

The map is actually accurate for the first floor of Kawasaki warehouse.

Kawasaki warehouse_18

Kawasaki warehouse, out of fantasy.

Kawasaki warehouse_19

Kawasaki warehouse, out of fantasy.

Kawasaki warehouse_04

Elevators, recreated as part of Kowloon walled city.

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