Hakusan park and shrine in Niigata

The vast park located in the city of Niigata was opened in 1873, and it’s most important feature is that it was the first public park in Japan. A place were citizens can walk around, contemplate nature all four seasons. The park is divided by a small walk through trees, where you can find few monuments and statues that commemorate historical figures and people, as the statue of Chuuken Tama dog. A famous dog that rescued it’s owner twice from avalanches. The garden and pond area, where the cherry blossom viewing is a must in the city, and the open spaces where kids can play.

Hakusan shrine

Right next, or in the grounds of the park lies Hakusan shrine. Dating from more than 1300 years, is the most important shrine in Niigata. The construction though, has been reconstructed few times through history. As all shinto shrines, Hakusan shrine is tied to a deity, and in this case, the word “tie” has an important role. The shrine deity is Kukuri Hime no Ookami, a famous deity known all over Japan for matchmaking. Citizens come here to pray for a good couple and relation, as the deity is in charge of kukuru, in Japanese “to tie togoether”.

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How to get there

From Niigata station, take the JR Echigo line. 1 stop to Hakusan station.
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