With the launch of the new design for Hype in Tokyo, leaving behind the blog style, and more focused towards travelers, I’m glad to bring one of the features I’ve been working for the past months, the GPS-guided travel articles, in collaboration with GPSMyCity. To celebrate it, I’m giving free upgrades of some of my most popular articles for your future travels.

What does GPSMyCity app?
Providing city guides and GPS-guided walking tours in Tokyo and other 700 cities form all over the World. You may have found in Hype in Tokyo and other travel sites articles or guides that you were forced to remember the places mentioned, or find it again on your smartphone, searching again and spending time to access that city wi-fi network. GPSMyCity does that work for you. Before and while visiting the main tourists attractions of a city, and if you want to go deeper into one of the districts, browse around the city guides and travel articles from the GPSMyCity app. The travel articles you can read through GPSMyCity app are able to download and read during your trips, waiting at the airport, or at home. The special feature, you can upgrade the article you’re interested to be your “personal guide” on your visit, using the GPS tracking offline. Then, you can use directions and references following the article you read on your smartphone or tablet. The secret spot from a travel blogger, an amazing restaurant you forgot the name or any other attractions mentioned in the article. You can get the articles free of charge, but if you want the GPS-guided version, there’s a small fee ($1,99) to pay. The best part of it, you don’t need internet to use the upgraded version, and will take you from one spot to another from the article of election. Because travelers know how expensive and hard can be sometimes to access wi-fi spots in other countries to get directions.


Screenshot from GPSMyCity App.


Screenshot from GPSMyCity App.

The giveaway
For a limited time, in collaboration with GPSMyCity, I’m giving free upgrades of my travel article featured in the GPSMyCity app A peaceful morning alone in Kyoto. If you haven’t downloaded the app, this is the best moment to do so. The list of articles below are the ones from Hype in Tokyo you can find in the directory of the GPSMyCity app. Here’s the link for the free upgrade of the article. In case you don’t have the app, the link takes you to the main app download page, then you need to click again on the same link.

Other GPS-guided articles places from Hype in Tokyo
Nara park
Zojoji and Tokyo Tower


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