Last month, a few members of Barcelona Travel Bloggers went on a blog trip to Colònia Güell. The modernist site and industrial colony of the 19th century is located out of Barcelona city, far from other major modernist sites created by Antoni Gaudí. An important site in Gaudí’s history is located also in Colonia Güell, the crypt, a heritage of modernist architecture in Barcelona.

Colonia Güell-010

Gaudí’s crypt at Colònia Güell.

The Blogtrip to Colonia Güell
During May, the tourism promotion board of Barcelona molt més created the #costabarcelonaweek event where several activities took place on the coast sites of Barcelona area. The Colony is located in Santa Coloma de Cervelló, I went there by motorbike, but there are other ways to arrive there. On our visit to Colònia Güell, we were free to visit and walk around the industrial colony using audioguides. Feeling like an open air museum of Catalan architecture. We walked through the streets and visited the old school, Ca l’Espinal and Ca l’Ordal, ancient houses of the colony. Afterwards, we participated in a “trencadís” workshop and tasted local food from restaurant Cal Mingo.

Colonia Güell-020

Eusebi Güell, the Catalan master of Colònia Güell.

Colonia Güell-015

Ca l’Ordal at Colònia Güell.

Colonia Güell-018

Ca l’Espinal at Colònia Güell.

The crypt
For modernist architecture fans, and tourists in general, Gaudís crypt is the highlight of the Colònia Güell. The more I visit Gaudí’s sites, the more I like them. It’s attractive design from the outside, to the interior design. The building was Antoni Gaudí’s trial lab for all his architecture innovations. All the work Gaudí made for the crypt was used later in his designs for it’s biggest monument for Barcelona, the Sagrada Familia. In this church, Gaudí broke with all rules of construction to the moment and created a unique site. There’s plenty of nature influence in the crypt decoration and discovering all the details could take an entire day. In 2005, it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Colonia Güell-001

Outside the crypt.

Colonia Güell-011

Outside the crypt.

Colonia Güell-014

Outside the crypt.

Colonia Güell-005

Crypt interior designs and architecture is stunning.

Colonia Güell-006

Crypt decoration details.

Trencadís workshop
This type of mosaic was used in Catalan modernism style, as an art form of decoration. The meaning of Trencadís is “broken” as it’s made of broken tiles, then united in beautiful and complex mosaics. On the blogtrip to Colonia Güell we had the chance to learn about this technique, and made little boxes decorated with Trencadís. An original and handmade souvenir to bring home. Following the workshop guides, we started to break tiles into small pieces, decided on a pattern (or free fall style as I did) to decorate our boxes.

Colonia Güell-021

Tools ready for Trencadís workshop.

Colonia Güell-022

Our artsy results.

Cocktail lunch
After the workshop, we where ready for the closure of the blog trip with a cocktail. Proximity gastrnomy, with local and seasonal products from restaurant Cal Mingo in Viladecans. Cherry soup, blue leg chicken, and artichokes cream amongst other vegetables delicacies. Kudos for the dessert, the cherry bomb.

Colonia Güell-023

Mashed Artichoke.

Colonia Güell-025

Cherry soup.

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