Many would agree that sushi is probably the essential image of japanese food, and it’s been in Japan for ages. Surprise is that, what we consider sushi is the modern version of a more ancient style. The sushi we find in restaurants and sushi booths nowadays is the “modern sushi” invented during Edo era, just a couple of centuries ago, and it was invented as a form of fast food, nothing to compare about nowadays fast food image. Sushi is not only rice with raw fish, as many varietes you can imagine, some of them delicious, some other varieties, not so much. Meat, vegetables, fruit, any combination is possible, but the king is, and hopefully will always be, raw fish. What is your favourite sushi plate? feel free to leave your recommendations and tastes in the comment section below.


Sushi set in Daiwa Sushi, Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo.

In automatic sushi restaurant chains you use a touch screen to place your order and a small wagon comes from a rail in front of your seat and brings you the order. No need to interact with the staff.


Touch screen at automatic sushi restaurant Genki Sushi.


There goes the shrimp at full speed, Genki Sushi.


Prices vary from types of sushi, guided by the color of the dish you take.


Variety of sushi dishes.


Grilled and raw salmon sushi.


Three types of tuna sushi.


Fugu, the most poisonous fish to eat in Japan.


Raw horse meat  sushi.

The heaven of sushi,  in Tsukiji, is the area with small booths and restaurants. So fresh, tender, tasty and well prepared that makes you pray to fish gods and thank them for the meal, literally my friend was praying while staring to sushi and the first time I tried the sushi set at Daiwa Sushi, I cried of food happiness, and so did my friend.

Daiwa sushi

Lively and busy Daiwa sushi, in Tsukiji market, Tokyo.


Ootoro, fatty tuna sushi.


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