I take a lot of pictures during my travels, but somehow I manage to dislike most of them when I check the work later on my computer. Thought photography was simple, just buying a digital camera and setting the auto mode.
Being able to take thousands of pictures nowadays with a digital camera in hope that 1 out of 10 is good doesn’t go well with me, and hoping that 1 picture is not blurry or dirt is also a 1 out of 10 chance. So, I only end up liking 1 picture out of 100, and deleting the rest, regretting the picture, the moment I missed and the result, for being an amateur, trusting everything to the digital camera.

So I decided to take photography lessons from a good friend photographer, Sergio, you can check out his works in his Facebook page Sg Producciones .

First theory class, everything was familiar but new to me, iso, exposition, aperture….. I had some knowledge about the terminology but as I said, I trusted the camera to do all the work for me, then I preferred to learn all from scratch again.
We walked the streets of Barcelona for the practice class, that was intense.
How to be creative taking photos, learning, and remembering all of the theory? Practice, practice, practice until I learned all the basics. That was the advantage of having a digital camera.
We played advantage of living in Barcelona, a city so much photographed that is hard to find something that hasn’t been photographied a hundred times. So we were creative.


Streets of Barcelona, taking elements that can tell which city we’re in.


Elements like street signs tell us we’re, and help us remember later while checking on the computer.


Playing with differents perspective of the same site, Barcelona


Playing with differents perspective of the same site, Barcelona


Reflections, details and walls have a story to tell on the photo.


Static and moving people or objects are dynamic to the picture.

So, what has changed from my photo style? Before, I ended up deleting a thousand pictures after every trip. Now I take even more pictures than before, but happy to arrive home and know that there won’t be a thousand blurry or burnt photos to delete.


Some pictures can’t be described, the picture itself talks to us.


Light and darkness in Santa Maria del Mar cathedral.

Palau de la Generalitat_03

Details to buildings tell us where we are and the culture. Palau de la Generalitat, Barcelona


Dark interiors are hard to take a good picture. Sant Just church, Barcelona

After hours walking around Barcelona streets we headed to a burger joint for dinner, Barbarossa Beach Bar. But I just couldn’t stop taking picture, practice is the key.


Barbarossa Beach Bar, Barcelona


Barbarossa Beach Bar, Barcelona


Barbarossa Beach Bar, Barcelona

The only thing that made me stop taking pictures, a real juicy burger challenge. Makes me droll just to remember.


Barcelona Beach Bar, Barcelona. Fat Elvis burger challenge

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