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Sanno Matsuri at Hie Shrine

Even being celebrated in around mid June every two years, is still one of the most famous festivals in Tokyo. Whilst Sanno Matsuri takes place in even years, the Kanda Matsuri is celebrated in odd numbered years. With parades scheduled and festivities for a week, we... read more

Follow the hype in tokyo trip

The first trip of the year couldn’t be any other place than the city that had adopted me as a second home. This time though, I won’t go alone. All followers from Hype in Tokyo social media will be able to follow the trip on Live and keep track on what’s going on. Want... read more

Hidden Treasures of Nara park nigatsudo and sangatsudo

Clouds were rolling over the heads of the dozens of tourists flocking around Todaiji, playing with the deers of Nara Park and taking selfies without noticing there was more people around them. Same clouds were rolling over my mind, changing my mood as I was standing... read more

Hype in Food: Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki

Everytime I visit Kansai area is compulsory for me to eat the major dishes in the area, and in Osaka, my favourites are Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki. Specially, when I visit Dotonbori, I can’t resist to at least order Takoyaki. Take a look at the article to know a... read more

Food and Stars in La Rioja

Used to schedule and plan my solo trips for Hype in Tokyo, this time I let that work to my dad and his friends and joined his party for a weekend. Purpose of the trip? Good tapas in Logroño and observe the Stars at night on top of Laguna de Cameros, a small village in... read more

How to avoid the crowd at Fushimi Inari

Being the most important Shinto shrines, and famous for its “thousand gates” in Kyoto. Dedicated to Inari, the gods of rice and business. The popular believe amongst visitors is that, as its name implies from the Japanese “senbon torii”, there’s a thousand red gates... read more

Decorated streets at Festes de Gràcia

Every August, the district of Gràcia in Barcelona celebrates its festivities during eight days. Dozens of activities, traditions like castellers and concerts take place in the popular district. Being the largest neighborhood festival in Barcelona, is the residents... read more

Shinjuku Omoide yokocho yakitori alleys

Next to Shinjuku station, on the west area lies the narrowest area for yakitori bars. In the postwar era, many shopping districts were built, but few survived the pass of the years and contemporary times. Shinjuku was a transit area between residential districts, and... read more

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